Oklahoma Civil Litigation Lawyer

If you have suffered a loss due to someone’s carelessness or have been deprived of a financial benefit, experienced legal representation may be the best way to balance the scales. Whether the issue revolves around a car crash, slip and fall or someone isn’t holding up their end of a business agreement, it’s important to enlist the help of an experienced civil litigation attorney that can bring pressure to bear and resolve the issue. At the Burr Law Offices, we fight to get our clients the fair compensation you deserve.

Business Representation

The very foundation of commerce is the ability to create mutually beneficial agreements and have both sides fulfill their responsibilities. When someone enjoys the benefits without fulfilling their obligations, they have breached the contract. As a firm that works with the business community, we also provide small business advising employment litigation and collections actions.

As a firm that represents large and small business interests, we may be able to resolve the dispute through attorney negotiations. If the other party doesn’t do the right thing, we are ready to file a lawsuit on your behalf and take them to court.

Personal Injury Losses

Car accidents may be the most prevalent way that people suffer financial losses. Crashes result in broken bones, soft tissue injuries and you may incur high medical bills and lose time out of work. Oklahoma requires drivers to carry insurance and that is the first source of potential compensation. An experienced lawyer can help facilitate a claim payment if the injuries and losses are not too significant. But if you suffer a serious loss, it may be necessary to file a civil lawsuit and gain a judgement against the responsible parties.

The same holds true in instances such as slip and falls. Property and business owners have a duty to keep thing such as walkways and stair free of obstacles. When they don’t, we can file a claim on your behalf or a lawsuit if necessary.

Other types of personal injury losses that may be legally actionable include defective products and medical malpractice among others. If someone caused you a harm, it’s only fair you are appropriately compensated.

Work With An Experienced Oklahoma Civil Litigation Attorney

As a firm that practices civil litigation, we vigorously advocate for our clients to receive the fair, just treatment and compensation you deserve. If you have a civil disagreement that needs to be resolved, contact the Burr Law Offices for a consultation.