Helping you navigate through difficult times. Burr Law maintains a manageable caseload to ensure that we deliver truly personalized and attentive service to represent you in your divorce.


If you are a frustrated father seeking equal treatment in child custody matters during your divorce or custody proceedings or need to renegotiate legal or physical custody of your child, Burr Law is here.


We handle civil litigation cases in Oklahoma City with smaller dollar values under $100,000 because most law offices won’t do that kind of work based on the small reward. You’re in good hands.

Divorce Attorney Oklahoma City

Burr Law Offices, PLLC strives to protect the rights and interests of everyday people in the areas of civil litigation, family and business law. People that need legal representation are often in a critical period of their lives. Whether you are going through a difficult child custody matter or trying to resolve a business dispute, working with an experienced divorce attorney Oklahoma City takes much of the burden off your shoulders. The team here at Burr Law Offices, PLLC is here to make sure you receive the representation you deserve. Brady is an experienced Oklahoma City divorce attorney who will stick with you every step of the way.

Family Law

Family law in particular can have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. Divorce, paternity, guardianship and other family law cases alter the relationships between family members and loved ones. Family is the most important thing in life, and that is why having a good attorney is essential. Burr Law Offices, PLLC will work with the other party to negotiate a reasonable compromise if possible. However, when settlement talks fail, we will protect your rights in court. Settlement is the goal, but we are always preparing for trial in case settlement does not work out.

As strong proponent of father’s rights, we provide zealous and relentless representation for men who seek a fair and equitable ability to influence their children’s lives in positive ways. Our office is here to guide you through understanding father’s rights in Oklahoma. We will work to increase your visitation time, make sure you are consulted on important parenting decisions and ensure a proper support calculation under the law. Good dads who are fully invested in a child’s life give a solid support system which benefits children in countless ways. Oklahoma father’s rights is also one of our focus areas.

Civil Litigation

Every family has situations where disputes cannot be resolved by handshakes or someone’s word of honor. The same is true for small businesses. We handle civil litigation cases with small dollar values under $100,000 because most law offices won’t do that kind of work based on the small reward. Most attorneys in Oklahoma City hold out for the million dollar injury case while people with ordinary problems cannot find adequate access to the legal system. If you have a dispute over a contract, damage to property, insurance coverage or any other problem which you believe deserves compensation, We will help you get what you deserve.


I hired Brady Burr to handle my divorce be cause  when it comes to the law he is very knowledgeable. He is efficient in getting the paperwork that you need for whatever reason you need it. If he says he going to do something he does it in a timely manner most times right in the moment you ask. I recommend him any time someone asks me if I know an attorney.
- Sarah (5 star review)