Client Reviews

Brady’s Review

He is a good lawyer,takes his time to explain the situation at hand,gives you a lot of information about your case.makes you aware of what and what not he can’t do. I’ll certainly recommend him to others.

– Yaa (5 star review)

Mild Mannered and Approachable

Brady is a student of the game. His approach is thoughtful and well managed. He listens attentively, takes great notes and can explain complex issues and litigation in very easy to understand terms. His research was exhaustive without exhausting my wallet.

While my case had interesting financial nuances due to compensation earnings, Brady did the research and made sure I was able to hold on to what I deserved and fairly distributed the rest.

If you are looking for a person to look at the big picture and plot the course you need to arrive at, Brady is the guy to help you.

– Eric (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer

I hired Brady Burr to handle my divorce be cause  when it comes to the law he is very knowledgeable. He is efficient in getting the paperwork that you need for whatever reason you need it. If he says he going to do something he does it in a timely manner most times right in the moment you ask. I recommend him any time someone asks me if I know an attorney.

– Sarah (5 star review)

From a Business Owner

Brady helped me get the operating agreement set up and ready for my LLC. Everything went very well and he was happy to advise me on the follow up questions that I had. I am very happy with the experience I had.

– Client (5 star review)

Great Results

Brady did a great job for me. I was sued wrongfully by an apartment complex. Brady not only got the matter settled in court, he got back $600 from the complex and had the suit thrown out so I could get the item off my credit. I would recommend him for anyone that has been wrongfully sued. He did a great job of protecting my interests.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Support to Veterans

Mr. Burr is first and foremost a very purpose-driven Christian with a solid foundation in the law. He had my back from the initial consultation through and after the divorce proceedings. His level of communication was constant and provided me with both an understanding of the requirements but represented me well in correspondence, telephonically and in the court. We both learned as every circumstance and legal effort is different even more so for a Veteran – Brady was always there for me and always ready.

– James (4 star review)

Excellent Assistance From Brady

Brady did an excellent job assisting me with my divorce proceedings. He was there for me the whole time with answers to any questions I had, and conducted himself in an upmost professional manner.

– David Smith (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer

I would highly recommend Brady. He was always quick to respond and answer any questions I had or deal with issues I had during my divorce. He would advise me and help me navigate the often times confusing legal system. He wasn’t afraid to go to bat for me and would brainstorm with me on issues that arose during my divorce. Great lawyer

– Client (5 star review)


Brady is an excellent lawyer, he’s highly intelligent and accurate. He helped me win my case. I’m very lucky to have hired him to help me.

– Annabel (5 star review)