Oklahoma Father’s Rights Attorney

Oklahoma Father’s Rights

The family courts have become increasingly progressive in terms of fathers’ rights. That’s good news for men who want increased visitation, custody and physical placement of their child. Gender is not the basis of good parenting and it’s important for men to understand that they have the same rights as women with regards to minor children. That’s why it’s imperative to work with an attorney that strongly advocates for the rights of men. At the Burr Law Offices, we believe in the positive role that good dads play and will fight to protect your rights and interests.

Paternity And Father’s Rights In Oklahoma

When a child is born outside the bonds of marriage, you must establish your paternal rights. In Oklahoma, men can sign what is known as a “acknowledgement of paternity” that presumes you are the biological father. That simple document will not provide you with the legally enforceable rights of custody and visitation. It may make child support payments mandatory. In other words, acknowledgement puts you on the hook for financial responsibility without the benefits of a parent-child relationship. It’s in your best interests to petition for established parental rights by proving via DNA test that you are the father.

Another paternity problem some men face are children born to mothers who have not legally dissolved a previous marriage. Whether the marriage remained on the books out of religious convictions or divorce seemed unnecessary given a lengthy estrangement does not matter. The husband in the legal marriage is presumed the father unless you take steps to assert your paternity rights. The process for establishing paternity can be complex, but an experienced father’s rights attorney can help you negotiate the bureaucracy and hearings.

Oklahoma Fathers Rights Issues

The movement to balance fathers’ rights has gained considerable momentum and you should not assume you are at a distinct legal advantage in a family law matter. Many dads have chosen to assume the role of primary caregiver and homemakers in today’s society. In cases of divorce, your foregoing of career opportunities must be considered in instances of divorce. That means the mother automatically being given child custody, receiving child support and alimony are not the case.

As a married or unmarried father rights attorney firm, we work closely with committed dads to present the realities of fathers as primary caregivers and petition for you to maintain that role in your child’s life. You may also be entitled to child support and reasonable marital support after a divorce. You have the same rights as your spouse, domestic partner or mother of your child in all facets of the law.

Work With An Oklahoma City Father Rights Lawyer

Being a dad is not an every other weekend job. Fathers can be a powerful force for good and excellent role models for their children. If you are a father faced with a family law issue, call the Burr Law Offices for a consultation.