Oklahoma Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

Perhaps the most difficult thing about two parents parting ways is not spending every day with your child. As hard as that reality is, child custody, visitation arrangements and court orders can help maintain close bonds and provide a stable environment for your child. In many cases, the parents may negotiate a suitable custody and visitation agreement through their attorneys and submit it for court approval. When the other party won’t act responsibly for your child’s best interest, it may be necessary get a hearing and judge’s ruling on the issue. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Oklahoma child custody and visitation attorney. At the Burr Law Offices, we will vigorously represent your rights and interests.

Key Custody Issues

The majority of child matters involve some level of joint custody. That means both parents enjoy equal decision making on significant issues such as health care, education, and religious affiliation among others. However, rarely are parents on 100-percent equal footing and you should keep these legal positions in mind when making a custody arrangement.

  • Placement: The parent that enjoys the primary physical placement of the child tends to have the most input in day-to-day decisions. It’s simply practical to make on the spot decisions about things such as nutrition, curfew, video games and other things. What’s important to the non-custodial parent is an order that clearly defines issues requiring joint decision-making.
  • Joint: Having joint custody means that you are on equal footing in terms of parenting. Neither parent has greater rights and the non-custodial parent generally has defined visitation. This can be flexible in instances where parents work together at a practical level. But, visitation schedules are enforceable.
  • Sole: In rare cases, one parent may be given sole custody of the minor child. This is often due to an unfit parent that poses a danger to the child. Things such as substance abuse, alcoholism, criminal behavior or moral turpitude can result in the court either temporarily or permanently granting sole custody.

It’s imperative that you make a compelling case why you should have custody or maximum visitation rights.

Visitation Rights

Non-custodial parents generally enjoy defined visitation schedules when parents split. The courts favor a strong parent-child bond and reasonable visitation supports that idea. These may also account for work schedules and other practical life issues. What is important for non-custodial parents to keep in mind is that court-ordered visitation schedules are written in stone. The custodial parent does not have the right to deny you or change your parent-child time. If they do, a contempt of court complaint can be filed. If they persist, you may be entitled to petition the court for a change in placement. Visitation rights are non-negotiable.

Work With An Experienced Oklahoma Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer

Many parents choose to work together for the child’s welfare. But when the other party is unreasonable, we are ready to take them to court and litigate the issue. If you are facing a child custody or visitation issue, contact the Burr Law Offices for a consultation.