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Father’s Rights: The Price Of Equality

Father's rights is about equality for both male and female participation in the parenting of children. It has never been about misogyny; equality is the goal. Sadly, there are some men out there, especially in the many labyrinths of internet comment sites, who rant and rave about how they can't see their kids because of [...]

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Why I Chose Family Law as my Primary Practice Area

MY JOURNEY TO BECOME A FATHER'S RIGHTS ATTORNEY I graduated from law school in 2009. At that time we were in the deepest part of the economic crater now referred to as the "great recession." I was working at a firm in Oklahoma City doing mostly business and personal injury litigation. They offered a full-time [...]

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Grandparent Rights in Oklahoma: Brief Overview

I get calls all the time about grandparent rights. Someone is estranged from his/her children and wants to see their grandchildren or someone's child doesn't have or can't exercise visitation rights, so the grandparents want rights of their own. Oklahoma does have grandparent rights, but only in limited circumstances. First, the Court must make a [...]

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The Danger of Inaction: a call for Vigilance in Enforcing Fathers’ Rights

PART 1 - WHY INACTION IS A RISK. The danger of inaction is one of the most pervasive problems in family law practice. Let me give you a hypothetical to illustrate the nature of this problem and why it is so dangerous. Suppose you and your wife have been living apart, separated for years. At [...]

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Apples to Apples: why comparing your case to another might not be helpful

I imagine many people are familiar with a family game called apples to apples. In this game you receive a word prompt, and then you look through cards dealt to you, which also contain words, to determine which card most closely matches the word prompt. The players take turns picking which card amongst cards suggested [...]

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