Brady Burr Oklahoma Attorney


128 W. Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Phone:  405-757-0268

Fax:  1-833-740-8915

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Legal Philosophy

Brady T. Burr is an experienced Oklahoma attorney who balances reasonable settlement strategies with forceful courtroom litigation. Brady adheres to the Teddy Roosevelt philosophy “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Instead of throwing out one-liners, zingers and empty threats, Brady builds his case and focuses on the client’s goals rather than attention-seeking theatrics. Settlement is the goal, but you have to be prepared to prove your case when settlement fails.


Brady received a bachelors degree from Brigham Young University in political science with a minor in Asian studies. Brady graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in May 2009 and passed the July 2009 bar exam. He has been practicing in family law and civil litigation since that time.

Oklahoma Proud

Brady is an adopted Oklahoman. His family moved to Oklahoma from Las Vegas, Nevada when Brady was 13 years old. This was a tough transition and culture shock, but the people and culture of Oklahoma won Brady over in a big way. His time in Oklahoma as a teenager made lasting impressions on him. Even though Brady’s family eventually left Oklahoma, Brady came back in 2006 to attend OU Law School, and he has been here ever since.

Interests and Community Involvement

Brady enjoys spending time with his wife Rika and son Elliot. He is a die-hard OU football and OKC Thunder fan. Brady is an active Mormon church member and he volunteers with the church boy scout group. Brady believes in rights for veterans, volunteering with Lawyers for America’s Heroes.